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"Myofascial release therapy with Mia has been life-changing.  I have struggled for years with tightness and knots in my upper back caused by stress and emotional health issues along with tight hips and lower back.  Although I love my massages, they just didn't seem to help with this.  I have been seeing Mia for about 6 months now and she has helped me so much.  She is kind, compassionate, caring and very good at what she does.  Because of Mia, my entire body feels so much better.  I sleep better at night (I haven't slept good in years), I am able to let go of emotional stress, I am much more relaxed and have so much more energy.  Overall, my physical, mental and emotional health have improved tremendously.  I am thankful for Mia's services and highly recommend her."

-Julie N.

"MFR therapy has given me back my life. After months of conventional physical therapy and getting almost nowhere. Mia has gotten right down to the root of my issues. This is not a quick fix, but every week, I got better and better. Without all the pain that every move caused, I now sleep soundly and wake refreshed and happy. Now I am able to walk without my cane. I would recommend MFR to anyone, no matter their age. It's been a Godsend for me!"

-Marilyn M.

"My MFR therapy has brought significant changes to health and wellbeing. The first change was elimination of jaw pain, clicking and locking in my jar.  My lower back pain has decreased to a minor flare up here and there.  I know know this back pain is emotional pain showing  up in my back.  I see Mia about twice monthly and now am getting access to what I think of as higher levels of healing.  I feel more at ease with uncertainty.  I feel more connected to myself spiritually.  Working with Mia is a priority for my health just as exercise, eating Whole Foods and being around

people and places that make me feel alive. 

-Tiffany L.


“Mia’s myofascial release therapy played an integral role in the healing of my bulged disks. These non-invasive treatments helped to reduce my chronic back and nerve pain. Mia is always understanding and professional in her work. I plan to make myofascial release therapy a regular component of my overall wellness routine.”

- Anonymous

"Mia is calm, friendly, patient, intuitive and incredibly skilled. After just 3 sessions, i will continue to process for days, but I'm sure there are more in the near future."


"The myofascial release is such a an intriguing procedure, and Mia is amazing at what she does!"

-Judy N.

"I suffer from migraines and each session with Mia is both healing and empowering. I leave not only feeling better/experiencing relief, but also with a greater understanding of my healing process."



"Mia is professional and curates a warm and inviting environment. I felt heard and completely comfortable. It is apparent that she remains present and in tune with the body during the entire session. I am looking forward to future sessions with her!"

-Caroline J.

"Mia is AMAZING, I was blown away by my first experience."

- Anonymous

"Yes I’d highly recommend Mia’s expertise."

-Judy M.

"Thank you! Wonderful healer."


"Mia is very personal and understanding. It was so neat how she talked to my 8 month old baby during her treatment, asking her questions."


"Very impressed with both Mia and myofascial release."

-Zachary F.

"Another visit in which I left thinking... "that was exactly what I needed".

-Tiffany L.

"If you'd like to live better, give Mia & MFR a try!"

-Bruce R.

"Mia's calm demeanor and explanation of the process made me feel extremely comfortable going into the therapy session. I'm confident that her skills are just what my body needs to get well."

-Diane G.

"Mia is a healer. She is a truly skilled professional who is always intuitive and caring. Mia is the best!!!!"

-Brian G.

"This is an amazing treatment!"


"Mia is an extremely kind, compassionate caregiver! Myofascial release procedures are so important for overall health!"

-Brodie N.

"Highly recommended!"

-Kay W.

"Mia did a fantastic job & I feel so much better. I Can't wait for my next session!"

-Sarah O.

"Mia has a knack for making you feel completely comfortable as she is very professional. Great experience!!"


"Mia genuinely connects with the patient on multiple levels. Treatments are consistently effective and soothing."


"Had my first session and it was very helpful."


"I have struggled with pain for about 5 years, tried physical therapy and chiropractic care but NOTHING helped my pain like the first exam I had with Mia. I would recommend her services to anyone that sufferers from pain. I was able to walk after sitting for long periods of time, without pain or stretching. I could ride in a car for hours without pain. This has definitely changed my life in the most positive way.

I am thoroughly impressed with myofascial treatments."

-Shirlee B.

"I would encourage them to talk with Mia and to be open to the healing therapy she is offering which partners with your own body’s ability to rebalance and rebuild your health in a safe and peaceful environment."

- Susan B.

"Mia put me at ease by thoroughly explaining what I might experience and how her and I were partners during the therapy."


"Mia is exceptional. After 2 years of scans and doctor appointments, she zeroed in on my pain point and I finally feel like I’m moving in the right direction. This—after only 2 visits. I’m impressed."




"After a huge surgery this is exactly what I needed! Wonderful experience!"


"I've already recommended this to many friends and strangers. Mia's awareness of the healing process and her attention to me personally has felt supportive and safe and has given me so much hope to be pain free some day."

-Beth K.

"My husband, son, and I completely torched our legs after doing 1 mile of lunges. Needless to say, we were all in pain and were not walking correctly! I visited Mia for MFR treatment and followed her advice to take a hot epsom salt bath afterwards. The next day I had my normal legs back and my husband and son continued to struggle!"

-Adrienne H.

"Mia honed right in an my issue and gently used her skills. She is an excellent practitioner, and I highly recommend her."


"Myofascial therapy from Mia has helped me address specific concerns, such as headaches, and helped me tremendously in my overall health."


"I highly recommend making an appointment with Mia. She is very knowledgeable and applies that knowledge in treating you for probably almost anything that ails you!"


"I am so happy I found Mia. My pain shifts and improves with every visit.

This healing is an essential part of my journey to better emotional and physical health."

-Tiffany L.

"I always walk away renewed and refreshed."


"Went in with left lower back / hip pain and tightness across my shoulders. After my appointment the lower back / hip pain is gone and my shoulders are much more relaxed. Mia is very effective at myofascial release, caring, listens well and puts you at ease."


"Mia is amazing! I'm always a little skeptical of complementary therapies - I want to see the science and the evidence for anything, but this therapy has been life-changing. Mia is so attuned to the body and how to support clients in healing from a variety of concerns. She has helped me recently to release some painful scar tissue from surgery and to work out some jaw tension from stress during the pandemic. I'm always amazed by what myofascial release can achieve! It's incredible!"


"Mia is a healer. I have been suffering from physical and emotional trauma, and each session with her helps me to release more and more of it. We are blessed to have her in this world. The work she does, and this is no exaggeration, is amazing to me. Her new space is very welcoming."

-Ruth L.

"Mia has exceptional insight into how to understand where trouble spots are that cause tightness and pain and how to remedy those spots."


"Mia is very talented! Utmost professionalism and skill. I recommend her services to many people and love to buy gift certificates for special presents."

-Marney K.

"I just had my first MFR session with Mia. She was kind and professional, and listened as I explained my rather complex health issues to her. The session was enjoyable and the space was comfortable. She seemed very in tune to my body and what I was experiencing. I look forward to more sessions in the future as I begin my wellness journey."

-Rob H.

"Mia is is the overall myofascial release process! I'm always amazed at how this whole process works, her way of explaining everything regarding my endless questions...and then to walk out of there with no pain, discomfort or medicine is truly unbelievable!"
-Judy N.

"Absolutely, always do!"

-Anastasia L. 

"Mia Is truly awesome. She is very patient, kind and skilled practitioner. I would refer her to anyone seeking myofascial release therapy."

-Brian G.

"I always enjoy my time with Mia. I have had much relief from her treatments."

-Sheri N.

"Excellent experience."

-Jackie M.

"Wonderful and comfortable treatment. Definitely recommend."

-Missy E.

"Flourish Therapies helped me with several joint issues I had. Very happy with the results! Thank you"


:Mia is very good at what she does! Myofascial therapy helps me every time."

-Bridget S.

"Mia has made a huge impact in my emotional and physical health. I struggle with jaw and lower back pain. Myofascial Release therapy has provided such relief. Seeing Mia is a big part of my self-care. I plan to continue to see her regularly and highly recommend her. She is professional and very kind. We are so lucky to have her in this area."

-Tiffany L.



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