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Judy N.

Mia is is the overall myofascial release process! I'm always amazed at how this whole process works, her way of explaining everything regarding my endless questions...and then to walk out of there with no pain, discomfort or medicine is truly unbelievable!

Susan B.

I would encourage them to talk with Mia and to be open to the healing therapy she is offering which partners with your own body’s ability to rebalance and rebuild your health in a safe and peaceful environment.

Shirlee B.

I have struggled with pain for about 5 years, tried physical therapy and chiropractic care but NOTHING helped my pain like the first treatment I had with Mia. I would recommend her services to anyone that sufferers from pain. I was able to walk after sitting for long periods of time, without pain or stretching. I could ride in a car for hours without pain. This has definitely changed my life in the most positive way. I am thoroughly impressed with myofascial treatments.

Brian G.

Mia is a healer. She is a truly skilled professional who is always intuitive and caring.
Mia is the best!!!!

Brodie N.

Mia is an extremely kind, compassionate caregiver! Myofascial release procedures are so important for overall health!

Sara O.

Mia did a fantastic job & I feel so much better. I can't wait for my next session!
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