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We treat the equine client with the John F. Barnes approach to myofascial release. This approach is beneficial to the equine client in that we evaluate movement and treat musculoskeletal pain that could be caused by fascial restrictions. 


Horses that have the following would benefit from myofascial release therapy. 

  • Chronic lameness

  • History of neglect or abuse

  • Decreased performance without a diagnosis

  • Pain

  • Maintenance of athletic performance

  • Behavioral issues

  • Training difficulties 

Client testimonial, "Gypsy Boy is a 14 year old Quarter Horse Cross that I have had for two years now. Soon after bringing him home, some health issues caused a lot of problems for him. He was in a lot of pain on and off and would act out because of it. I tried many different therapies with no real change.


Once Mia became trained on MFR with horses I was eager to start treatments. Since we started about two months ago, he has really become a happier, calmer horse! He seems to be in a lot less pain and likes the treatments. Mia is very calm, very patient and listens to the horse if they are not tolerating the treatment. I would highly recommend Mia to help your horse!"

To schedule please call: 906.451.5232

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